Eli was born still September 2016. Eli was a gift and a beautiful little boy.

At Eli's funeral as a couple we promised him that we would help people in his name. That his memory would be one associated with love, care and peace.

When the flowers faded on Eli's grave we wanted to make something to mark Eli's grave until a permanent grave stone could be placed there.


So we bought some locally sourced wood to hand craft a plaque to place on Eli's grave.


We would love to provide families that are going through the heartbreak of child/baby loss with a plaque. Hand made with care and love to place on their resting place.


This is our gift to you as parents.


This is ELI'S GIFT.

Tiny Footprints Team


Feel free to pop over to the Tiny Footprints Team website. This website is run by three mothers who have experieced child/infant loss of which Rachael is one.



If you would like to donate a few pennies or pounds to cover the cost of materials and postage you can below. Thanks :D

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